Friday, 2 June 2017

Studios: Great Accommodation for Birmingham Students

With exams out of the way, if you haven’t already got your student accommodation sorted now is the time to consider a studio. Most of the houses and flats in Selly Oak have now let. Studios are a great option for those who didn’t manage to book a house in time for the next academic year, or just want some peace and quiet away from noisy house mates. With Unihousing you have an easy way to start these plans, and there are few better options than one of our newly converted studios. Situated within Selly Oak, Unihousing are registered letting agents that excel in providing student accommodation, and they are currently in the position to offer a selection of studios. We strongly recommend booking a viewing today as there are now less than 6 blocks remaining.

Studios are quite an easy and simple way to live. If you’ve never lived away from home before, this is perfect, because living in a studio means managing your accommodation is not too difficult, so there’s less pressure on you. If you have lived away from home before and have previously been a tenant in a house living with a group of others, opting for a studio may be welcome change of pace for you. It’s worth thinking about, as living in a house necessitates more work than a studio to keep it in a pleasant condition. Living in a house can sometimes require making compromises, whereas in a studio, you are in control and you make the decisions.

Of course, being a tenant in a studio does mean that you will be living on your own, but this may be something that is suited to you. One advantage that living on your own provides, is general peace and quiet as well as the opportunity to feel like you have your own space and independence. Another positive aspect of living in a studio, is that they are tailor made for what would commonly be thought of as the student life. Given that the layout and features of studios are very basic, they are ideal for a lifestyle that revolves around going out and socialising; one where the occupant is not too concerned with the idea of being cosy and settled in a comfy little home, but would rather be out having fun when they are not attending lectures or studying at University.

Where to Begin your Studio Search?

You could maybe start your studio browsing with Grange Road Apartment 2. Available in the summer and with an affordable price, this studio has been newly refurbished and has an amply sized living area. Laminated throughout and double glazed, Grange Road also adds extra comfort with its double bedroom. This studio features a modern fitted kitchen and a delightful shower room as well.

However, you might want to consider Harrow Road Apartment 8 instead. Available in July, this accommodation is conveniently located, sitting only a short distance from the university and the nightlife of Selly Oak. Inside this new studio you will find generous space, a contemporary kitchen that includes appliances and a fitted shower room. Fully double glazed and furnished with the essentials that are required for student living, this is well-worth a viewing.

Also at Unihousing is Dawlish Road Apartment 4. This is a studio that is ideally situated with the University of Birmingham and Selly Oak student village only a quick walk away, while inside it is well-suited to the contemporary student. Including a brand new modern kitchen and full double glazing, now is the time to book your viewing for this studio.

Another example of one of the numerous studios Unihousing have on offer is Bournbrook Road Apartment 2. Bournbrook Road is available in July and is a short walking distance from the University of Birmingham and Selly Oak train station. Its rent is inclusive of bills and internet. Plus, the TV is supplied at no further cost. This studio has been refurbished to a high standard and it incorporates a fitted shower room, double glazing and a fitted kitchen with combi-oven.

Your Next Step

Studios may seem like quite a change from what you are used to. Or they may seem like the perfect thing for you. Whatever view you have as you start to look through the studios available with Unihousing, there is no denying that studios offer a lot of advantages for the Birmingham student in need of accommodation. If you want one of the best newly converted studios you need to act fast. Contact our team here, email or call 0121 471 1195.

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