Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Lets

Why have a Summer Let?

There may be many reasons why a student may choose to have a summer let. Perhaps they need to come back to University for results day and their graduation and need a place to stay with their family. It may be that they have a summer job and need a living space in between regular student rents. Or possibly a student may just wish to hang out in the city and invite their friends to join them.

Why go home for summer when you have the opportunity to continue your university experience with your friends and family beside you. A summer let at Unihousing is a great way for students to get their family involved during the summer break.


For some students, a summer let is an opportunity to invite their family and friends to join them for results day and their graduation. This offers the perfect situation where everyone can get together to celebrate a milestone mark in someone’s life.

Reaching results day is an achievement of its own. For many students, this will be one of the biggest milestones of their life, and for many parents the proudest moment of their lives. Unihousing, this summer, is offering great accommodation that can be rented by family and friends alike. This ensures that everyone can be together to celebrate their loved one's graduation.

Making Memories

Not only is there the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of friends and family, but also to spend time and make memories as well. Our summer lets are available right through the summer and into the early weeks of September, thereby offering  a person ample time to catch up and reminisce on their time at the University of Birmingham.

Summer Job

Students from the university may also be continuing education and jobs over the summer period. This will mean they may require a place to live for the 3 or so months while their current contract is up and they are waiting for their new contract to start. Our summer lets offer them the perfect opportunity to stay in Birmingham whilst they continue to learn and earn money. This is a great alternative to getting transport to work every day and could even save them some money.

Starting University - visiting Birmingham

Those students who are starting a new year in September of 2017 may also find use for a summer let, by inviting their friends to enjoy all the fantastic things Birmingham has to offer whilst visiting the university campus. Birmingham can provide many great days out, offering a range of activities for anyone and everyone. Birmingham’s vibrant and busy streets offer a great day’s activity, not to mention Selly Oak’s brilliant night life.

A person can make the most of their stay by enjoying all that Birmingham has to offer. When friends rent accommodation that is all in close proximity, this eases the way for a fun filled and worthwhile experience.

Available Summer Lets

One studio which will be available over the summer period is Dawlish road apartment 6. It offers a great location and has been fully furnished to accommodate for day to day life. Its location at the heart of Selly Oak insures is within walking distance of essential amenities and transport hotspots.

Another possibility which may be more appealing is Grange road rear studio apartment. This is also well situated in the heart of Selly Oak. The property is newly refurbished and will be perfect as a holiday home during the summer period. It offers a good-sized living and sleeping area with an adequate sized shower room. The studio itself is less than half a mile from the university campus where there are multiple forms of transport to get around Birmingham.

Alternatively, 174 Dawlish road downstairs rear Apartment is also a very attractive opportunity. Its location and accessibility make it the ideal location for a summer vacation. Surrounded by nightlife, there is plenty to do, and a wide variety of great pubs and restaurants provide ample sustenance.

Contact Unihousing for Summer lets

Unihousing now has several properties on the market that are available for summer lets. If you are interested in letting an accommodation, head to the Unihousing website where you can see what is on offer and book a viewing.

Who are Unihousing

Unihousing work to provide quality housing to the students of the University of Birmingham. Every year hundreds of students pass through the doors at Unihousing and enjoy years of great service. Unihousing offers several types of student and professional accommodation including Studios, Apartments and houses. This ensures that they can cater to the wants and needs of all students looking for accommodation. The dedicated team at Unihousing work tirelessly to ensure that every student has a positive experience during their time at the University of Birmingham.

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