Thursday, 8 June 2017

Unihousing: Landlords for You

Choose Unihousing

Based in Selly Oak, on the doorstep of the University of Birmingham, Unihousing are a landlord that students can rely on. Unihousing stand out by offering an excellent range of well-priced accommodation. These accommodations include studios, apartments and shared houses. They also cater for young professionals too.

What makes Unihousing right for you?

In this blog we will explore the reasons why Unihousing are such a good landlord.

Not only do Unihousing provide very reasonable accommodation - which of course, is an issue for anybody, especially those on the student budget - but they also ensure that their properties  boast high and comfortable standards of living. They are an ideal choice for students, due to the fact that their properties are situated within a convenient distance from the University of Birmingham. In addition, making life a little easier, Unihousing have their own property maintenance team, so any wear and tear will be repaired for you as soon as possible. 


Just one example of a Unihousing studio is Harrow Road, Apartment 5. This studio is a well-presented accommodation, ideal for those who want a streamlined style of living without compromising on quality. Available in July of this year, Harrow Road Apartment 5 features a brand new modern fitted kitchen that comes with appliances and a fitted shower room. Fully double glazed, with an open plan living/dining area, the studio provides you with ample space for comfortable living as well as the essential full furnishings.

Also available in July of this year is Grange Road Apartment 2, another Unihousing studio tailored to your needs. This studio incorporates a well-sized living area, meaning that the comfort of the tenant is always ensured. Even better, Grange Road Apartment 2 boasts a double bedroom, too. Alongside these features, this newly refurbished studio also includes a contemporary fitted kitchen and an splendid shower room.


Living in Selly Oak

Selly Oak is a multi-cultural, predominantly student area in Birmingham, located within walking distance of the University of Birmingham and a short bus or train journey from the city centre. It is the perfect place for you to get settled for the duration of your university studies. Selly Oak is lined with a large variety of shops and supermarkets, so there won’t be a problem when there is something that you need to buy. Aside from its practicality, Selly Oak is also a place for a fun night-out. Whether you want to go and have a really tasty meal at one of its restaurants or enjoy at drink at one of its pubs or clubs, Selly Oak is certainly somewhere that helps make student life more enjoyable. Plus, with its train station and bus services, Selly Oak affords you the opportunity to visit nearby villages like Kings Heath and Harborne, or the bustling heart of Birmingham - the City Centre.  

In Conclusion

Choosing where to live during your university experience may be a difficult decision to make, with much to consider when making your choice. But with Unihousing, all of their accommodation options are sure to satisfy your requirements. Landlords with fine standards, Unihousing properties in Selly Oak are the perfect fit for today’s Birmingham based student.    

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