Wednesday, 23 August 2017

10 Reasons For Choosing a Selly Oak Studio With Unihousing

1) Accommodation For You and You Alone

One huge advantage that living in a studio offers is that it allows you to have your own space. Unlike being a tenant in a house with a group of others, being a tenant in a studio means that you do not have to share a kitchen or a living space, or even a bathroom. It also means not having to make adjustments to your style of living to accommodate those you live with, and vice versa. As a result you can embark on this stage of your academic journey knowing that you have simplicity and privacy in your student home. This is ideal for using the bathroom in the morning when you want to, and for when you come home after a tiring day at uni’ and all you want to do is relax in the peace and quiet of your studio surroundings.

2) Attractive Interiors

Having somewhere to live that is equipped with all the features that are necessary for comfortable living is a matter of practicality. However, your student digs need to be more than simply practical for you to be happy. Your student home needs to be one that looks pleasant too, and at Unihousing, you can expect studios that are stylish as well as functional. Boasting pleasant decors and inviting living spaces, our Selly Oak studios will unquestionably satisfy your requirements.

3) Selly Oak Village

Where your accommodation is located is an important part of being content in your accommodation. The good news is that Selly Oak is somewhere that is more than suitable for happy student living. It has a busy nightlife centred around its selection of pubs and it is able to give you and your mates a fantastic night of clubbing. What’s more, this is all accessible within a short distance from your studio. And, aside from its number of options for you to get out and socialise as well as its various restaurants, Selly Oak provides you with a range of amenities such as shops and supermarkets to allow you to purchase the things that you need for day-to-day living. 

4) Proximity to Other Birmingham Villages

Another reason why a Unihousing studio in Selly Oak maybe right for you is that the area of Selly Oak is positioned with other interesting places nearby. Harborne and Kings Heath are just two examples of these places, and on a quiet day, these towns could make the perfect destination for somewhere for you to visit.

5) Nearness to Birmingham City Centre

If you opt for a Selly Oak studio, you’re only a short drive or a quick train ride from Birmingham City Centre. The City Centre is home to a plethora of things to see and do. From cinemas and theatres, to the Bullring shopping centre, it possesses a number of ways to help you stay entertained and boredom-free. There’s also a variety of places to find something delicious to eat. When the lights go down though, the glow of the clubs and bars may just lure you in, and allow you to enjoy the kind of night-out you are looking for.

6) Distance from the University of Birmingham

It is worth pointing out that being a tenant in one of Unihousing’s Selly Oak studios positions you within a short distance from the University of Birmingham. So, on a daily basis you will not need to worry about a massive commute to your lecture, and you will be sure to enjoy the convenience that having your University nearby will bring.

7) Unihousing’s Maintenance Team

If you are concerned about the prospect of things breaking or going wrong in your student home, then it may be worth knowing that Unihousing have their own team of qualified tradesmen. Any repairs that are needed on your studio will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

8) Affordable Prices

The appeal of this one is not hard to explain. After all, we all want to hang onto our money where we can. This may be especially true of students, as typically, the student-life is not one widely associated with a great cash-flow. With Unihousing’s prices being agreeable to most budgets, you can enjoy a financially comfortable existence during your University years when you opt for one of their studios. 

9) Bills and Internet Included in Rent

This is another example of how Unihousing are so appropriate for the accommodation seeking student of today. With bills and internet included in the rent, you can be sure of your costs as a student being more affordable. Also knowing that the cost of using the ‘net is included in the rent makes keeping track of what you are paying much easier. Plus, this aspect of renting with Unihousing reduces complications as you won’t need to make separate calculations for your outgoings, you will just need to make the single payment for the rent which covers your bills and internet usage.

10) Unihousing’s Goal

Unihousing are registered landlords that continually strive to provide the highest standards for their tenants. They have been in operation since 1984 and their strong reputation is an added incentive to choose one of their studios in Selly Oak.

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